My Sudoku Puzzle Books

Below, you will find links to my puzzle books. Click on the link of the type of Sudoku puzzle you want to do and you will be taken to a new page with the links to all the books I have published of that particular type of puzzle.

You’ll noticed that I have given a little explanation about each variation of Sudoku puzzle. These are not meant to be exhaustive and definitely won’t tell you how to do each type of puzzle. However, if you are knew to Sudoku, you’ll get some idea of what each one is.

1. Sudoku X

2. Sudoku Hyper

3. Sudoku Twins

4. Sudoku Marathon

5. Sudoku Triathlon A

6. Sudoku Triathlon B

7. Sudoku Samurai

7. Sudoku 9×9

8. Sudoku 12×12

9. Sudoku 16×16